Welcome to the Home of the Digital Marketing Skills in Africa

The Scenario

Africa does not have digital marketing skill benchmarks. In addition, while it is common knowledge that there is a digital marketing skills gap in the continent (and the world at large), there is not much information available on the size of the gap.

In this era of 4IR where digital technology is playing such a dominant role, it is concerning that Africa does not have comprehensive information on required digital marketing skills. This must also be concerning to all Brand Owners, Marketers, Communicators and Talent Managers alike in this age of digital.

The Solution:

The scenario above inspired the creation of the Digital Marketing Skills in Africa Audit initiative. There is a need for this initiative in order to minimize the opportunity costs of doing digital marketing wrong.

The continental digital marketing skills audit will be conducted annually, with a view to using the results to establish and continuously review the necessary benchmarks. 

Number of skills assessed:

Who must participate:

Every effort has been made to assess all the key digital marketing skills, and this is a key requirement for the comprehensive assessment.

10 skills are assessed in the 2020 audit.

ALL professionals whose roles are affected, in any big or small way, by Digital Marketing and Communications.