Frequently Asked Questions

We do not know how Africa is performing against the required digital marketing skills at the moment, which is a concern given the growing importance of this communication channel.

The objective of this audit is to establish the digital marketing skills gap, in order to set digital marketing skill benchmarks that will be audited annually. These benchmarks are to be used by organisations, Talent Managers and the digital marketing community at large for implementation of skill recruitment and development programs. 

All the professionals whose roles are affected in any big or small way are welcome to participate, including CEO’s and Executives.

This is required for statistical purposes, as it will assist us in comparing the results of all the respondents using the same approach.

It should take maximum 30 minutes to complete the assessment.

You can check your score after completing the assessment. The screen that comes up after clicking the “submit” button looks like this. Click on “View Response” to find your score.

On the page that shows your overall score also has a breakdown of each section. You can access it by scrolling down the page.

Yes. See the option on the page that comes up after you submit your response.

We collate all the results after the online audit has been closed and produce an annual report that will be used for digital marketing skills benchmarking. The report is updated annually. 

All the professionals who have completed the DMSAA assessment will get a copy of the report after it has been published.

Here is the link that you can forward to your network: 

Absolutely! What’s more, if participation was at an organisation level of more than 10 people, a request can be sent to for aggregated group report. But please note that requested report will only be compiled after the audit report has been published.

Here is the link that you can forward to your network:

Yes. Our only requirement is that they must still have an address from the continent.